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A new dimension in television adventure… two men and a girl who bring vivid, exciting reality to everyone’s dream of achieving greater heights than anyone in the world… of becoming a champion in every sphere of endeavour… of becoming a super being.
This is the background to “THE CHAMPIONS,” filmed in colour and starring Stuart Damon, Alexandra Bastedo and William Gaunt.
Seemingly impossible feats are made logical because of the remarkable powers granted to the three leading characters when their plane crashes in Tibet and their lives are saved by an unknown race of people from a lost city. They find themselves endowed with the qualities and skills of super humans, with physical and mental qualities to the peak of human performance… not superhuman but super beings with gifts that enable them to face greater hazards than anyone would dare to take.
The Champions are agents of an international agency known by the code name of Nemesis, a top secret department based in Geneva and supported by all countries but answerable to none. Acting on instructions from the head of Nemesis, named Tremayne—played by Anthony Nicholls—they plunge into breath-takingly dangerous adventures in all corners of the world in their pursuit of law, order and justice and dealing with situations that could blossom into international incident.
Suspense and action are the keynotes of a series in which the three experienced players come to the screen as television’s most unusual and dynamic stars… Stuart Damon, the American actor whose stage work in Britain and the United States has led to this big TV opportunity; Alexandra Bastedo, the lovely Anglo-Canadian whose career began when she was chosen to go to Hollywood as winner of a “Teen-Age Diplomat” contest, William Gaunt, a young Englishman who has already achieved international television popularity.
Series created by
Monty Berman and Dennis Spooner
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