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Juvenile Fiction
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How Nemesis Began
The Champions' Origin
The Champions' Origin
It began when Craig, Sharron and Richard were on a mission to enemy territory. Having completed their assignment, all that was left was to escape in their aircraft.
The enemy were close behind, and over the mountains of Tibet, heavy gunfire forced the Nemesis agents to crash-land in a remote valley.
Torn in half, the aircraft careered across the deep snow, flinging its occupants in separate directions. They should have died in that terrible crash. But strange rescuers came to mend their bodies—and more important—heighten the efficiency of their senses, muscles and minds to a fantastic level.
In return for sworn silence about the existence of the strange mountain people, the Champions were given the power of extra-sensory perception, a grasp of mathematical formula and an insight of reasoning.
Their senses of sight, smell and hearing were made extraordinary, and in action their memories and physical powers fuse to a computer-like efficiency.
Their uncanny powers became a secret bond between them—to be kept, if only as a protection to the unknown people who helped them in the mountains of Tibet.
The Champions are super-human, but they are not immortal. They can be killed. They can make mistakes. Although aware that they have abilities granted to few, they can learn the extent of their abilities only by experience. The greater the risks they take, the greater the danger to themselves.
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