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Screenplay by
Directed by
Strange noises in Craig’s head reveal the truth about a big bank robbery.
Plans for a vast bank robbery are discovered when Nemesis receives a tip-off that the money is to be placed in a Swiss bank. But where is it to be stolen from?
Inquiries led to Craig Stirling (STUART DAMON) interviewing banker Sir Frederick Howard (BASIL DIGNAM), who is curiously unhelpful and is later stabbed to death in a street.
Learning that Sir Frederick recently underwent an operation, Craig visits his doctor, Hallam (PETER WYNGARDE). He is amazed to find that Hallam was present when Sir Frederick was murdered.
Craig has good reason to be suspicious of the doctor because, with the aid of another doctor named Sumner (JAMES CULLIFORD), Hallam is planning to rob Sir Frederick’s bank and, in fact, the plan has already been set in operation. The two men overcome Craig with anaesthetic, and Hallam prepares him for a somewhat special operation...
Sharron (ALEXANDRA BASTEDO), in Geneva, senses that Craig is in danger. She and Richard (WILLIAM GAUNT) make their way to Hallam’s nursing home, but the doctor has left, taking Craig with him. But there is a clue that they have gone to Holland and there, in Rotterdam, Hallam and Sumner have bribed a port official, Van Velden (AUBREY MORRIS), to help with the importation of their “heavy machinery”. Van Velden is shot when he discovers that the “machinery” is gold, and demands a larger fee.
Meanwhile, Craig finds himself sitting by the roadside, recovering but wondering about strange noises in his head which are giving him orders. He telephone Tremayne (ANTHONY NICHOLLS), head of Nemesis, who tells him that Richard and Sharron are already searching the dock area in Rotterdam. Craig makes his way to the dock area, still worried about the vibrating noises in his head but fighting the pain. In trying to avoid detection by Hallam and Sumner, he dives into the water and, with his super-human powers, is able to stay under for so long that the men believe him to be dead.
When Craig surfaces, he finds Sharron and Richard waiting for him, and Sharron discovers that he has had a tiny transistor implanted in his ear when operated on by Hallam, who has thus been able to act as an invisible man giving Craig instructions. This, in itself, is a clue to the whole mystery of how Sir Frederick was forced into releasing the gold from his bank, and the final chase is now on...
Series created by
Monty Berman
and Dennis Spooner
© Copyright Incorporated Television Co. Ltd. MCMLXVII
Stuart Damon
Alexandra Bastedo
William Gaunt
Anthony Nicholls
Craig Stirling
Sharron Macready
Richard Barrett
Peter Wyngarde
James Culliford
Basil Dignam
Aubrey Morris
Steve Plytas
Sir Frederick
Van Velden
Associate Producer
Director of photography
Art director
Johnny Goodman
Frank Watts
Charles Bishop
Peter Pitt
Musical director
Theme composed by
Post-production supervisor
Production manager
Albert Elms
Tony Hatch
Philip Aizlewood
Malcolm Chistopher
Judith Jourd
Sound editor
Sound recordists
Music editor
Associate art director
Set dresser
Construction manager
Bert Rule
Len Abbott,
Dave Bowen
Deveril Goodman
John Graysmark
Brian Rider
Bill Greene
Second unit director
Second unit cameraman
Camera operator
Assistant director
Special effects
John Hough
James Allen
John Winbolt
Ken Softley
Valery Norman
Sid Pearson
Scenic artist
Production buyer
Make-up supervisor
Wardrobe supervisor
Supervising electrician
A.J. Van Montagu
Sid Palmer
Gerry Fletcher
Pat Grant
Laura Nightingale
Ted Hallows
The Champions
Made on location and at
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